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NE England Farmers Markets
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What sort of things will you find for sale at farmers' markets in Northumberland?

Meat: Northumbrian hill and lowland lamb - and there's also mutton to be had if you follow culinary trend; high quality beef - from rib joints to fillet steaks to burgers; great pork and ham (some 'rare breed') plus dry cured bacon and sausages including Cumberland sausage; chicken - and (in season turkey and even goose) - and a surprising proportion of the meat is organically produced

Game: Again in season, there's venison, pheasant, partridge, duck - and rabbit

Pies and Prepared Meals:  There's pork, game or steak pies; gourmet, game, Greek or traditional ready meals; pates

Fish: fresh and smoked fish, and shellfish in season

Dairy:  Not so much dairy farming in Northumberland - but you can find local Northumberland cheese (cow, goat and sheep cheeses; pasteurised and unpasteurised); butter; real icecream  - and sometimes goat's milk

Baking and Jam-making: There are a wide range of cakes, biscuits, fudge and other sweets, all sorts of quiches and flans to be had plus several people selling marmalades, jams and chutneys in astounding varieties; not to mention bee-leepers selling their honey. And above all that WI have stalls at most of the farmers' markets selling their produce.

Eggs:  Always in great demand - free range eggs, but not just from hens - duck eggs and occasionally goose eggs can be found too.

Fruit & Veg: Not that many producers of fruit and veg in the county, but you can get veg from salad leaves and broccoli to sprouts and parsnips all in their proper season. The Northumberland asparagus season is about ten days in late May or June, but the strawberry season can run through from June to October!

Crafts: All sorts of crafts - home-made cards, childrens' clothes, home-made soap, walking sticks, cushions & duvet covers, saltdough ornaments, garden furniture and ornaments, candles and beeswax products, jewelry and decorated mirrors - to name a few. And more seem to come out in October, November and December in the run-up to Christmas.

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