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NE England Farmers Markets
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How to become a stallholder at a farmers’ market

You don't have to be a farmer to sell at a farmers' market....

The basic requirements are that
i) the product you are selling is locally grown/reared/produced – using local ingredients as far as possible
ii) you grew/raised/baked/brewed/made the product yourself (or at least were one of the people closely involved in the making)
iii) you re selling locally - most farmers' markets in the North East accept producers from up to 50 miles away

You also need public liability insurance, and appropriate environmental health certification

Then most markets have local rules mostly to do with getting a good mix of stalls and keeping the market attractive and viable. It pays to do a little 'market research' - visit the market(s) you are thinking of selling at so you know what is already being sold there, how many stalls there are, and how many customers turn up etc.

Some markets are indoors and supply tables - but you might need a chiller, some are outdoors - and may or may not provide stalls. Rents range from about £18-£40.

Note: most farmers' markets like to have a proportion of crafts stalls (maybe 30%) as well as food stalls.

But - essentially - just phone up or email the market organiser (see Contacts & Links) and ask if you can come along.

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