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Netherton Folk Club now Cheviot Folk Club - About Us

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 THe folk club was founded in March 2006 to encourage folk music in all aspects and to provide a basis for bringing people together for an evenings enjoyment. Our other intention is to encourage young people to take up music and develop an interest in folk music generally. Our friends at Wilkinson Park are always welcome and we meet with them to make music, in fact several join us on stage regularly.We meet usually once a month ( sometimes more ) in our village hall. The base of musicians and singers has very quickly built up and this is very important to the success of the club. Our audiences could be bigger but we don,t want that at the cost of spoiling the atmosphere which currently prevails. Our audience base is expanding and visitors are coming from further afield to partake of the evenings we put on. We have guest artistes as often as we can, some of whom are as follows;

Touchwood, Ken and Jane Cross, Johnny Handle and Chris Hendry, George Welch, Graham Anderson and Finn McCardle, The Sturdy Beggars, The Ukelele Allstars, The Real Thing, Joan, Mungo and Joe, JIVA. Kendrick the Magician, Mick Sheehan, Strings and Things, Jack Burness.Mike Jessop, Jim Wigfield,Brenda Heslop, Ribbon Road,Ron Gardner, Stuart hardy, Steve and Kristi Nebul, George Welch, Acoustica, Fools Gold, Jim Bainbridge, Tom Gilfellon, Anthony John Clark, The Northumbrian Ranters, Rod Clements and John Cram

Let me introduce you to our resident  musicians/singers.

  JOHN GRAY- A resident of the village John keeps us smiling with his never ending list of stories and jokes.Also a very good singer his rendering of " Come by the Hills " is a pleasure to listen to.

 GEORGIA WILKINSON- Also resident in the village Georgia at 13 years old won medals four years running on her fiddle at Rothbury Traditional Music Festival. As well as playing solo she joins in with other musicians and singers to keep us entertained.Her duet with Ken Cross of Rothbury Hills is a real pleasure to listen to.Now a member of the " Northumberland Ranters ".

  DICK- Guitarist /singer always a welcome sight Dick plays a mixture of music and enjoys joining in with others or giving us a " bit of the blues " with Olly on the harmonica.

 JOAN KIRK- An accordion player resident in the village and with many years experience. Joan has a very busy band but comes to the club for a night off, usually with Joe on drums and Mungo on accordion.Always welcome, always good music.The band are our special guests once a year.

 BEN WILKINSON- Singer guitarist who travels from Gateshead to be at the club.Ben enjoys backing Jack and Olly as well as singing our favourite songs from his rapidly expanding repertoire

 MUNGO- Generally attends with Joan but has taken to turning up with his two young sons who play accordion and drums to give us some very entertaining and enjoyable music.

  JOE- Always a happy smiling face behind some excellent drumming to keep Joan and Mungo on their toes.

  ANTHONY,WILLIAM GLENN and DAVID--  From Wilkinson Park the 3 lads regularly get on stage with Jack and others to perform songs like Blaydon Races and Amazing Grace. Watch for future shows because they are practising hard

PAULETTE _    With an amazing voice accompanied on her autoharp she is a delight to hear



JACK- Founder of the club he also hosts the evenings as well as organising in general. Jack plays guitar and sings. He tells the odd story when John is not about.

ANN BROWN - Ann  who plays the accordion superbly and her choice of tunes is very good.

JOHN HOMER- a valued member John brings us his own compositions accompanied on his guitar.He has now introduced us to his friend and together as a duo they sing and perform their own compositions.John is now a Northumbrian piper.

JIM Wigfield from Morpeth. Now considered a resident Jim is now known as the "Chicken Man"..........An asset to the club. Now has a C.D out.

JIVA. Always welcome as guests we are happy that they visit us regularly and it is always a bonus when thy entertain us with their wonderful music.

JON LEE... Has appeared as a guest and joins with the other "JUSTUS" members regularly. A talented guitarist and entertainer he has penned several songs.

 On 28th of June we had surprise guests in the form of Ian Lightfoot who fronts "Morgan La Fey ". Ian gave us a superb rendering of " The Rothbury Chardonnay Queen".

 MIKE Jessop. A good friend of Jimmy and Val ( JIVA ) he has a unique style and plays and sings some very good music.

John Boyle... A very talented Whistle and pipe musician visits us all too rarely. Always welcome John quietly supports from the back. He enjoys airing his vocal chords when joining in the choruses.

Maurice. Travels from Newcastle to be with us. Plays some very interesting and lively songs.He is most welcome.

Roger Sammons who is a Cornishman with a happy go lucky approach and a wonderful selection of songs which he sings with feeling and obvious enjoyment.

Mary who is Rogers wife writes and recites her own poetry. A lovely lady well done Mary.

David Appleby treats us to his wonderfull mouth organ renditions.

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