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About Northumberland Life:

Northumberland Life is a free service which provides not-for-profit organisations, community groups, clubs and local councillors that are based in Northumberland with the following:

  • A simple website for each organisation to help promote activities and events, and hold contact details and other useful information.
  • A system to allow organisation members to manage their own web pages without the need for special equipment or any website design experience.
  • Automatic inclusion of the organisation's events in a county-wide website of activities and things to do.
  • Automatic inclusion in a website A to Z of community organisations.
  • The ability to advertise voluntary and other job vacancies.

Northumberland Life has been developed to work on almost any computer that is connected to the internet, and requires no special software and virtually no computer knowledge. Even those without a computer or internet access can use the service at their local Library free of charge. (Websites can be updated from any computer connected to the Internet, but computer equipment and an internet connection is not supplied as part of this service)

In its simplest form Northumberland Life is an online searchable directory of over 900 community groups in our area. To be added to this directory, simply request an application form and pop it in the supplied pre-paid envelope and post it back to us. On receipt of the completed form, we will create a single page website for your organisation containing all of the information received and it will immediately be added to the growing directory of community services in Northumberland, and will be able to be seen by TWENTY THOUSAND people every month.

For those organisations who donít already have a website, there is more good news! Northumberland Life can offer you a seven page free website that you can use to further promote what you do.

If you are looking for volunteers to help with a fundraising event or activity, or have a job vacancy within your organisation, you can use the jobs area within Northumberland Life to attract the right sort of people.

Events and Activities can also be added, all of which will be promoted in various places to ensure you have the best possible attendance. The Northumberland County Council homepage has over 10,000 people looking at it every week and your events will soon be featured here Ė which is a great start ! 

Northumberland Life requires no special software, and virtually no computer knowledge, so anyone thinking that they donít know how to design websites, or that this will mean buying expensive equipment need not worry as it has been designed with ease of use in mind, and it will work on almost any computer that is connected to the internet. Even if you donít have a computer, you can use the service at your local Library free of charge, and we will have people on hand to help you along the way.

We offer 3 levels of FREE service:

  • LIFE 1: Simply fill out the enclosed application form and we will create a single page website for you that contains all of the information you have supplied. In addition your organisation will become part of a searchable online database of community organisations Ė itís a simple as that !
  • LIFE 2: As above, but you can also advertise forthcoming events, request volunteers and advertise job vacancies.
  • LIFE 3: As above, but you can also create a simple website to explain more about what your organisation does.

Computer and Internet Requirements:

You do not need a state of the art computer or broadband internet to use the Northumberland Life system, but the speed the system runs at will depend on the age of your computer and how fast your internet connection is. The minimum requirement is for the computer to be connected to the internet and to have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher installed and working correctly. (Nearly all computers will already have this installed, however we can advise you on how to check this)

Technical Knowledge Requirements:

Not everyone is a computer expert, so Northumberland Life has been designed with ease of use in mind and the need for members to have only a very basic working knowledge of using computers. If you have used a word processor before and are comfortable using a computer mouse and keyboard then you will be fine.

If you have a basic understanding of computers then we have produced an online video training manual that demonstrates every step of creating your website - just watch, learn and then try it for yourself !

The service is developed and hosted by Northumberland County Council using the CoBWeb system.

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Northumberland Life is a free service supported by Local Government, Business and Community organisations to allow groups serving the community to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet, without the high cost and need to understand website design. More information is available in our Help Area

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