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Friends of Abbeyfields School (FoAS)
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Friends of Abbeyfields

Morpeth Abbeyfields School Association Meeting 22nd February 2000.



M.Ennis, W. Stuart, H. Tighe, T Millard, M. Hepple, J.Curry, S. Halliford, L.Cook.

Apologies from other members of the PTA.

Treasurers Report
Balance £3,467.35 less remainder of funds due for games equipment (£83) and literacy (£368) leaving a total of £3,016.35. Also Mrs. Halliford has to a bill to pay for sweatshirts of as yet an unknown sum. C. Teleford treasurer advises to retain funds for unforeseen expenditure.

Matters arising
PTA constitution requested by S. Halliford found at the school.

Plants sale
Looked into carefully by M. Hepple. She has found estimates and conditions from several local plant nurseries. Heighley Gate appears to offer the most profitable deal. Advertisement and order forms to be organised by M.Hepple and T. Millard. It is hoped that the order forms will be sent out to parents and return prior to the Easter break. Proposed prices per pack £2.20 and £10 for 5 packs. Delivery will not be advertised and parents will be encouraged to collect plants. Arrange delivery of the plants to the school if possible for the 19th May.

School disco
12th May. Advertise via a banner and letters.

Request from staff
2 CD players to play sing along CD's at assembly. Estimated cost £50 x 2. This was proposed and seconded by M.Ennis.

Summer fair
Proposed for the 1st July. P .Cook will look into prizes for the raffle for the tickets to be made 3 weeks in advance of the fair.

Next disco
 Friday 17th March.

Next meeting
Tuesday 14th March at the home of M and S Ennis.


Friends of Abbeyfields

Abbeyfields PTA meeting 5th May 1999.



L. Cook, P. Cook, R. Thurton, M. Ennis, S. Ennis, C. Teleford, H. Tighe, W. Steward and H. Lamb.


Treasurer's Report
Treasurers report: Money committed for equipment and toys, £2,740 and an additional £1,000 for IT equipment. This would leave a £48 deficit to be made up with fund raising activities.

Fund Raising Activities
School disco
14th May. Tickets 50p. 6pm to 7.30pm.

Line Dance
3rd July at Abbeyfields School 7.30pm till late. Barbecue and bar to be arranged with P. Marfitt. Profits to be donated to the fund raising for Abbeyfields School Sensory Garden.

Summer Fair
10th July. Possible gardening theme to the fair? Raffle tickets and prizes to be arranged as soon as possible. Proposed prizes include

  • GNR return tickets for two to London
  • Jennings car for one week
  • Wet and wild tickets
  • Sunderland FC tickets
  • Abbeywells spirits
  • Meal for two at Longhirst Hall.

£50 second prize for raffle if all else fails.

The raffle ticket profits will be donated to Abbeyfields Sensory Garden fund raising appeal. This will be advertised clearly on the raffle tickets. The remaining money raised will be for the PT A funds.

P. Cook will approach the Co-op supermarket in Morpeth for permission to sell tickets in the entrance one week prior to the fair. Mrs Hudson,s ladies will be asked if the could help to fold raffle tickets.

The emergency services will be approached to see if they will attend the fair.

Next meeting
S and M Ennis 8pm 22nd June.


Friends of Abbeyfields

Minutes of the PTA meeting June 11th 1998.



F. Golding, R. Thurton, C. Walley, S. Halliford, C. Telford, H.Lamb, S. Ennis, M. Ennis.


M. Golding and others.


Treasurers Report
Present funds held are £3303.89 with £65.27 outstanding for toys.

Requests to Spend Funds
£1000 to be spent on equipping north and south halls with PE mats, balls etc. £1000 to be spent on play equipment for the nursery school children. £30 per mainstream class to provide for playtime toys (£30 x 13 = £390). Approval was given by all present for these projects.

Arrangements for the Summer Fair
The summer fair will be held on Saturday 4th July between 1-3pm. The time was brought forward due to World Cup matches. As the fair is being held on American Independence Day it was felt an American theme would be appropriate. Acquisition of buntings and American flags will be attempted.

Stalls will include:

  • Adult tom bola
  • Children’s tom bola arranged by S.Halliford. Cake stalls.
  • Book and toy stalls.
  • Tea and drinks stall.
  • Ice creams
  • Barbecue organised by M. Ennis.
  • Guess the weight of the cake/ sweetie jar.
  • Crafts.

Entertainment will include line dancing if this can be arranged. S.Ennis will arrange the running of the stalls, if you wish to volunteer please contact Sally.

A flier for the summer fair has been included if there are any additions or amendments please telephone Heather Lamb (01670510345) by Friday 26th June.

Next Meeting

To be arranged.



Minutes of the School Association Committee Meeting Thursday 2nd October 1997.



Rick Turton (Chairman); John Golding (Treasurer); Heather Lamb (Secretary); Fiona Golding; Sue Smith; Pam Marfitt-Smith; Deb Brown; Carolyn Telford; Sally Ennis.

Martin Ennis; Catherine Davison; Brenda Stone; Tracy Robson; Jane Sillons; Sheila Halliford: Diane W alley.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report
The treasurer announced the current balance was £ 2,911. Of this balance approximately £500 has been committed to the provision of PE equipment leaving a balance of approximately £2,411. The following were identified as spending priority areas:

  1. Provision of hangers in the North Hall for safe storage of benches/beams etc. to allow the children more space for creative activities. Quotes are presently being obtained by school staff.
  2. Improvements to the Nursery playground equipment to the cost of £ 1,000. This proposal was put forward by J.Golding and readily seconded by all present.
  3. Provision of IT equipment was noted as a priority area, although possibly too expensive with the present commitments.
  4. Playtime bucket would need replenishing in the spring term.

The School association presently bank with Lloyds Bank and it was agreed to continue this account.

Fund raising events
The following fund raising events were agreed upon.

  1. Family disco's, one per term with the following provisional dates. Halloween Disco, Friday 31st October. Fancy dress would be optional. Two subsequent disco's on Friday 6th February and Friday 15th May. The dates will be confirmed subject to the availability of a disco.
  2. Line Dancing which raised £350 last year will be organised again by???? .This years event will take place at Morpeth Social Club on Tuesday I8th November. The Social Club Committee has allowed access to the Hall without charge and will donate a% of the bar receipts to Abbeyfields. No tickets will be sold prior to the event payment will be made at the door. It was felt that event needed advertising at the school in the form of fliers and in Morpeth Town Centre with posters.
  3. Christmas Fair, to be arranged with school staff and given a suggested date of Friday 28th November.
  4. Party Plan. This company sells a range of clothing items during the course of a 3 hour party event and a % of the evening’s receipts will be donated to the School Association. Suggested dates for this event were 4th or 11th December 1997 and were to be arranged with party organisers.
  5. Jumble Sale at Morpeth Town Hall was suggested to be on March 7th 1998 and is dependant on booking. It was agreed that the hall would be booked from 8am to 1pm.
  6. The Summer Fair is proposed to be on Saturday 4th July 1998.

Note: Barclays Bank has a scheme which donates £1 for every £1 earned at a charity event with the minimum of £100 and maximum of £1000 raised. Presently it would appear this would apply to a single fund raising activity, such as the raffle carried out at the Christmas Fair which is presently our biggest money spinner. Carolyn Teleford has agreed to look into this in detail so that the Association can gain maximum benefit from this scheme.

The School Association would like to thank A.Patterson who wrote a letter on behalf of Abbeyfields Board of Governors commending the hard work undertaken by the Association.



Friends of Abbeyfields

Minutes of School Association Committee Meeting Thursday 7 November 1996



Rick Turton (Chairman); Fiona Golding; Pam Margitt-Smith; Lesley Billington; Sue Emery; Lorrie Bronsema; Kirsten Jones; Sally Ennis; Martin Ennis.

Katherine Davidson; Brenda Stone; Tracy Robson; John Golding; Sue Smith; Diane Walley; Beverley Morris

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report
John Golding was not present but Fiona had brought a statement on his behalf to the effect that our balance is currently £2, 423.19. However, it was noted that a considerable proportion of this has already been committed.

15 November: Tickets are now available: Sally Ennis & Kirstie Jones will hold them in their classrooms. Letter needs to go out on Monday: Lorrie to action. Letter should emphasise that adults are responsible for the children they bring. Sally will arrange prizes for games. Fiona Golding will work out a rota for duties on the night.

There was some discussion regarding safety in the event of a fire. The meeting felt that as numbers are known -entrance is by ticket only -it would not improve safety to keep a register.

Helpers are to be at school by 5.45pm.

Christmas Cakes & Carols Evening
Raffle tickets have been ordered and will be available next week. The top prize will be a television and it was suggested that the purchasers should try to negotiate a discount.

There will be a number of stalls so people will be given approx. 45 min. to look at these before all the children are asked to gather round the tree for carols. Lorrie/ Fiona to ask Harriett Gilfillan about the possibility of her recorder group are being willing to supply music in costume. Carols will finish with "Jingle Bells" and little presents for children from Santa: Sally will ask Alex re Santa.

Entrance will be 5Op for adults and free for accompanied children -tickets to be available in advance and at the door. Entrance will not include coffee & mince pie. Hall needs to be booked -Sally has mentioned but will remind Alex.

  • Stalls: Tom bola Lorrie
  • Bran Tub for children Kirstie I Martin
  • Raffle Stall
  • Guess the weight/ no. sweets
  • Cake Stall
  • Refreshments

A letter is needed asking for volunteers and donations -make clear that toys books etc. are not needed this time. Lorrie to action after disco.

Valentine's Dance
It could be difficult to book a band for a barn dance on the 14th February. After some discussion, it was decided that we would try Line Dancing for a change. Sally and Kirstie will approach Mrs Brand re line dancing. If this proves impossible, we will have a Barn Dance instead.


  • Sally presented a list, compiled by staff, of requests for help with funding
  1. Nursery is desperate for new playground equipment; in particular, they would like some sturdy bikes. Estimated cost £ 1000.
  2. The area by the old entrance is being used as a quite area for years 3 & 4. Mrs Hudson would like funding for display cabinets, carpeting, seating and possibly to refurbish the doors into the hall.
  3. The minibus has been vandalised and is, in any case, on its last legs. While it may be possible to obtain funding for a new one, there are concerns that garaging may have to be provided.
  4. PE is next on the development plan.

After some discussion, the meeting expressed the view that 1) would result in too big a disparity in spending across the years -we certainly would not be able to spend £1000 on each year. Some contribution might be possible.

Point 2) presents some constitutional difficulties -anything provided by School Association must benefit the children's education and it might be difficult to justify carpets and furniture. This would need to be looked into very carefully and we would not redecorate the doors to the hall -this is clearly a matter for Governors.

  • Jumble Sale -Rick has not yet had a chance to book the Town Hall but will do so.

Next Meeting
Thursday 28 November 8pm in the Sun Inn (upstairs in the little room). It's Martin's birthday so, with a bit of luck, he'll buy us all a drink!!

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